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AgLand Renewables

AgLand Renewables LLC is currently developing two new bioconversion facilities in California. At full capacity, each plant is designed to recycle more than 150,000 tons of chicken litter each year and, using a process called anaerobic digestion, convert it into renewable natural gas and organic fertilizer. To fit the unique needs of each proposed location, each facility will be appropriately scaled based on a variety of factors, such as available feedstock and demand for fertilizer and renewable natural gas.

AgLand Renewables is currently working with Go-Biz and various county representatives to determine final site locations for the California I and California II bioconversion facilities. Both projects are targeted to begin construction in the next two years. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

Key Facts


126,290 tons of fertilizer

Providing farmers with an organic, slow-release fertilizer with added humic acid and a nutrient profile of 5-5-5 (NPK) to address overall soil health, and relieve nitrate and phosphorus runoff.

766,500 MMBTU of RNG

Providing the community with enough renewable energy to fully charge nearly 6 million electric cars each year

Operations Employment

Operations Employment:
26 full-time jobs per project

Pre-Operations Employment

Pre-operations Employment:
250 construction jobs per project

Approximate Investment

Approximate Investment:
$1 billion, $500 million per project

Counties for Consideration
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